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Look At Us!

Michelle and I recently had an engagement photo shoot in Battery Park…and at Midtown Comics, right here in New York. It’s the first ever such shoot at any of the Midtown Comics locations and it all came out great. Heck, … Continue reading

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A Good Reason To Stay Off The Internet

Meet Boomer- do I really need to say anything more? It’s amazing how an unexpected addition to the family changes everything. And if you know you’ll wake up to this, how could you not start every day with a smile?

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Get Well, MaxPac

Update (3/10/11): Max makes his first comments right here and holds Chara responsible. If you’re a hockey fan, you heard about the hit to Max Pacioretty last night against the Bruins. The details can be found here at this great … Continue reading

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Now That’s How You Propose

If you want to know how I proposed to my beautiful fiancee (well, girlfriend back then), you can find out from artist Francis Manapul, one of the best comic artists of his generation. He’s an exceptionally thoughtful and generous person, … Continue reading

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Arune Is Now At Twitter

Folks, as you can tell, I’m too busy to blog properly now, but you can follow me at Twitter right here. It’s not a substitute for what I do here, but consider it a bunch of Arune.Com “minisodes” till I … Continue reading

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I’m Still From Canada, Eh

Yes, as many know, I’m now officially an America– and damn proud of it– but it’s not like I’ll ever forget where I came from (Canada) and my ethnic heritage (India). In the case of the former, there’s been a … Continue reading

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Random Encounters In NYC

I’ve written about strange encounters around New York before and figured I’d update everyone on some of the more recent interesting meetings in my life. The above image from The Dark Knight (the sequel to Batman Begins) has no relevance … Continue reading

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Being a Habs Fan

Yup, it’s been some time since an entry, but I’ve got two good reasons—a busy time at work and the NHL. The latter has been especially all-consuming, as we’re almost done with the first round of the playoffs and my … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

The title says it all. Hope you have a great 2008 and that this silly little blog can be a part of it! I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. There’s nothing inherently wrong with them, it’s just … Continue reading

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The Great State Of Texas– Part Two

It’s game day! On my short list of life dreams, one of them was going to Texas Stadium for a live Dallas Cowboys game. With only one more season till the ‘Boys move into their new digs, this was a … Continue reading

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