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Toronto: “The Second Coming” Day One

Hey folks, it’s time for me to finally talk about a vacation I took, complete with photos by my good friend Arthur and sightseeing led by yours truly. I jokingly titled this vacation “The Second Coming,” as a nod to … Continue reading

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Get It While It Lasts!

I’m sure this will be taken down soon, but for now you should check out the hilarious opening to the Emmys, which involved a lot of your favorite characters from your favorite shows such as 24, Lost, House, South Park, … Continue reading

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Random News Bits

I’ll try to get the initial batch of Toronto photos up today, with some commentary, but with school starting today, I may be busier than expected. For now, you can sit back and enjoy these random stories: Superman will return … Continue reading

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I’m Back From Toronto

There will be a bevy of pictures from my trip to Toronto, along with a lot of commentary, but I figured I’d start with something I learned: David Beckham is the man. He’s one of the highest paid players in … Continue reading

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Arune.Com’s Weekly YouTube Fix

First, we have the oh-so-awful “rap” by Kevin Federline, the husband of Britney Spears, and perhaps the only person with less musical credibility than Paris Hilton. Next we have some fun moments from Season 5 of 24, better known as … Continue reading

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How To Wake Up Early

A lot of people are amazed at how I consistently wake up early to exercise and while it isn’t always easy, there’s some simple steps to help you get out of bed when you know you need to get your … Continue reading

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Random News Stories For Tuesday

We’ve got another set of silly little stories to get to before anything else today, but if all goes well, you’ll have another two or three posts today. Onward! Will Smith gets jiggy with India. I’m interested to see what … Continue reading

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The Clash Of Arune.Com Icons

Jack Bauer Vs Kal Penn. With Kal Penn joining the cast of 24, Jack Bauer will face the man who bested Doogie Howser and almost bested Superman. How do I choose who wins? And how much longer will fellow CBR … Continue reading

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It’s Not Easy Being Brown…

Look, we all know that being brown in today’s world is, well, complicated to say the least. I don’t want to get into one of those “angry minority” rants, because that isn’t me, but the recent rise in East Indian … Continue reading

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Random News Stories For Monday

Arune.Com has been traveling all summer long and so you won’t see as many updates on the site, but we’ll keep trying to bring you as many updates as we can while we’re still around. Expect more updates later today … Continue reading

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