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Sink Your Teeth Into Random News

Well, September has come to an end and we enter October, which means we’re almost ready for Canadian Thanksgiving! If you’re new to Arune.Com, use the navigation tools on the right to check out all the posts in September, from … Continue reading

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Iron Clad Random News

This may be the last update of September, but it’s been a good month for Arune.Com and we appreciate the support from all our readers. Remember to check out the Battlestar Galactica recap special on October 2nd, 7pm EST. As … Continue reading

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You Ever Curious About This?

You ever wonder what happened to people you knew at school, worked with, or just passed by on the street? I’m often curious, even though I know that these people probably don’t give me a second thought, just because I … Continue reading

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Super Random News

Hey folks, this will be a quick entry, but I hope to have some more entries up tonight. Enjoy! Smallville returns tonight and it’s easily one of the worst written shows on television, down there with Heroes. I could spend … Continue reading

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Holy Random News, Batman!

Well folks, we did it– we set a new record for blogging at Arune.Com! I know that a lot of other sites update way more than this site, but I’m happy to up my blogging in both quantity and quality. … Continue reading

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Democrats, You Need To Grow A Pair

It’s really sad to find that this whole Bill Clinton mess is the highest profile situation for the Deomcrats in year. Bill Clinton seems to be the only Democrat who is showing any kind of resolve and standing up for … Continue reading

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Take A Bite Out Of Random News

We’re almost there, as I’m closing in on the record breaking Arune.Com blog entry. I’m working on new things to share with all of you, and I’ll be tackling politics a bit more, but don’t expect this to become a … Continue reading

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Too Many Commercials?

Is it just me or has there been a huge increase in the amount of commercials during television programs these days? I first began noticing it a couple of years ago when Lost premiered, as the amount of commercials seemed … Continue reading

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Lost In The Random News

Yeah, you guessed it– more random news! Hopefully there will be some more original content day, but we’ll have to see how the day pans out. For now, feel free to catch up on all the posts from the weekend … Continue reading

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What Do You Want?

I can’t really get to sleep tonight, so I’ve been thinking a lot about my life goals and what I want from my life. I’ve always wanted to help people, to do some good in the world, and as I’ve … Continue reading

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