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Arune.Com Gets Some Love From “Superman Homepage”

If you’re a fan of Superman, you’ve heard of the website titled “The Superman Homepage.” It’s a well-known page and reviewer Neal Bailey made mention of Arune.Com in a recent review. Neal’s a friend and he doesn’t often promote other … Continue reading

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Wants. Needs. And Life.

There’s a point to all this. I promise. Just keep reading. We’re going to try things a little differently this time.

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Random + News

Well folks, we’ve got a Superman centric edition of Random News today, simply because that’s what’s on my mind. After an excellent episode of Smallville and re-watching episodes of the classic Justice League Unlimited series, I’m in Superman mode. Also, … Continue reading

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Arune.Com’s Weekly YouTube Fix

We’re back with another unique selection of videos. First we’ve got a recent scene from an episode of Smallville entitled “Arrow.” This scene is just a little bit of fun at the expense of two main characters from guest star … Continue reading

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Boba Fett Syndrome & How It Got Me

Back in the now classic Empire Strikes Back, fans of the Star Wars universe were briefly introduced to Boba Fett, a galactic bounty hunter who was looking to cash in by capturing Han Solo. I’m not sure the guy said … Continue reading

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The New Definition of Masculinity?

Over at AskMen.Com, there’s a real interesting list: A Top 49 Men Of 2006 list, voted on by over 15,000 people. I’ve talked about the ever changing definition of manliness before, since it seems like that definition is in such … Continue reading

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C’est La Vie

I remember a discussion in philosophy class about what you can really know, and as notable philosophers (far smarter than I) have theorized, you can only know two things: that you are and that you think. The common sentence used … Continue reading

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Get Ready For Day 6 Of 24

UPDATE: The trailer is now online and viewable. If you happen to be in Times Square tomorrow, be prepared for an onslaught of CTU agents to be handing out free stuff and directing you to the premiere of the Season … Continue reading

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Random + News + Monday

Yeah folks, we’re back with Random News. I’m probably going to make this a weekly feature at best, because I’m just not able to do updates like I did in months previous, but I’ll try to keep an eye out … Continue reading

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It’s not always easy to deal with your feelings when you feel hurt by someone. It’s not easy to sit idly by when it seems like someone is breaking the rules. It’s not fun to feel insulted by those around … Continue reading

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