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Arune.Com Updates Will Be Coming Soon

Hey folks, just a note that there probably won’t be any updates on Arune.Com till late next week, as there are real life issues that will prevent updates to the blog. Please go through the archives, find something that interests … Continue reading

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It’s Not Easy Being A Fan

Everyone’s got their own set of tastes and that’s great, because it results in a huge variety of entertainment choices for everyone. However, sometimes it results in people questioning why you like things and telling you “you’re wrong,” which doesn’t … Continue reading

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Transform And…Walk?

Well folks, expect a major slow down in blogging this week through the next, eliminating any chance of beating last January’s record for the amount of blog entries. Ah well, I can find solace in the fact that this has … Continue reading

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One Of The Signs You’re Obsessed

“Wife induces labor so husband can go to Bears game” PALOS HEIGHTS, Ill. (AP) — Nine months pregnant and married to a fervent Bears fan with tickets to Sunday’s NFC Championship game, Colleen Pavelka didn’t want to risk going into … Continue reading

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Great Canadian Music

That name may not be accurate to all, as I’d even be hard pressed to call most of these songs “great,” but I enjoyed them in my youth and enjoy them to this day. As an addition to the recent … Continue reading

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A Blast From The Past: Teen Titans Pilot Review

Almost four years ago, my good friend Arthur and I reviewed the Teen Titans animated series pilot for CBR. It was a very fun review that did well with readers and was a lot of fun for us to work … Continue reading

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Random + Television + Thoughts

There are a lot of little television tidbits I wanted to write more about, but I lack the time and energy to do that right now, so I’m going to touch upon them all here with the hope I can … Continue reading

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Great Canadian Literature

I’m not sure that anyone dislikes Canada per se, but it seems like often the country isn’t recognized for all its accomplishments, from its peacekeeping work to the great entertainment produced in Canada. With that in mind, I figured I’d … Continue reading

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Every so often, certain new stories make you sit back and think “huh?” or some string of lovely expletives. These are the stories prompting that reaction from me: Muslims Protest 24: which makes me wonder how many of them have … Continue reading

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Galactica Returns On Sunday

This Sunday, Battlestar Galactica returns with the second half of the stellar third season. I’m mentioning this today because the show has aired on Fridays for ages, but has now moved to Sunday, with the hopes of a ratings boost. … Continue reading

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