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Long Distance Calling

I remember, back in the day, when long distance calling within the US was expensive and when you moved, you needed to change your cell phone # to avoid those costs. I know this isn’t a huge epiphany, but I … Continue reading

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Arune.Com’s Weekly YouTube Fix

Yeah, we’re back a bit early this week (but no wrestling this time!), but I expect at least one of these videos to be deleted quite quickly, so we’re back! Our first video is one you’ve likely seen on Seinfeld, … Continue reading

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Mind Over Matter

Time to take a break and kick back with some goold old fashioned storytelling from my past, this time from my high school years. Until my OAC (mandatory Grade 13 in Ontario) year of high school, I was never an … Continue reading

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Fake Swearing

Now I’m supportive of speaking eloquently, coherently and in a respectful manner. I’m even not a fan of excess cursing, though at times I’m wont to curse like a sailor. But if you’re going to curse, why coddle the words … Continue reading

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Goodbye To The O.C (updated)

Considering the last blog entry, this may seem hypocritical, but I’d be dishonest if I denied that I really will miss The O.C, which airs it’s final episode tonight on FOX. While the second and third seasons were pretty inconsistent … Continue reading

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We’re back at you with another day of completely bizarre news of humanity’s weak and pathetic actions. This one isn’t as in depth and as well documented as the story we talked about yesterday, but it does represent that kind … Continue reading

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Flashback to June 24th, 2005- The Home Of Napoleon Dynamite

Note: this story originally ran on the old blog This has taken time to post due to one of my USB ports giving me trouble and the other being used for Internet access, so I apologize if this seems dated. … Continue reading

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No Excuses

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Dear TNA Wrestling…

…thank you for putting out an excellent wrestling program about wrestling. While the WWE destroys the ECW program with bad booking, RAW with an ignored midcard and tag division and risks boring Smackdown viewers with Batista, you’re improving your program … Continue reading

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Image Based Fitness

You’ll find a lot of discussion about fitness and “looking your best” on the internet, but you’ll probably have noticed that I don’t talk about it much on this blog, despite my passion for weightlifting & bodybuilding. I’ve touched upon … Continue reading

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