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Make Mine Marvel

I apologize for the delay in updates, but with my new job I have less time for the blog and I’ve been busy moving to the east coast. So what is my new job? I’m now working for the House … Continue reading

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An Instant Classic– Christian Cage Uncensored

I know that many of you who visit are wrestling fans and there’s a good chance you like Christian Cage, the best man on the mic in wrestling and one of the top wrestlers in the biz right now. He … Continue reading

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Ode To CBR

Well, with my tenure at ComicBookResources.Com over, I figure it’s time to highlight some of the great people I worked with and share with them some thanks for their friendship. I worked for CBR from Nov 2001-March 2007, the longest … Continue reading

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Arune.Com’s Weekly YouTube Fix

Time to show some videos, eh? The first one features WWE wrestler Edge (pictured above) in a hilarious Mad TV sketch parodying Canadians, Korean soap operas and wrestling in general. Just great stuff and another reason why Edge is so … Continue reading

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Wrestling In The News, For Bad Reasons, Again

There’s a saddening new report from SportsIllustrated.Com implicating some of my favorite wrestlers in an illegal steroid ring: In total, there were 11 professional wrestlers listed in the documents that we saw. Some of these wrestlers are working as independents; … Continue reading

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Pwned By A Canuck

Every so often, I get schooled in the art of karma and today it was due to my friend Kurt Ingram. When we chat online, I like to pretend to be an extreme right wing nutjob to counter his moderate … Continue reading

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Final Weekend @ CBR

As many of you know, tomorrow marks my last day at the venerable ComicBookResources.Com, as I’ll be moving to the east coast to pursue another comic book related job. I don’t want to get too much in details as I … Continue reading

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300 Lives Up To The Hype

By now you’ve all heard about the latest comic book to film success story, Frank Miller’s 300, the epic Spartan film chronicling a very real battle (though hardly a literal historical representation). I’m a fan of the graphic novel and … Continue reading

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Drink To This

Sometimes in life we have real epiphanies, those moments we realize truths that were always self-evident but that we perhaps denied or simply failed to recognize. I had one of those this weekend when I partied with some freiends, had … Continue reading

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New Catchphrases

So I’ve officially developed my own stupid, cocky, WWE-esque catchphrase to describe something I like. “____ is the greatest thing since me.” I’m sure that’ll endear me to lots of people. Ah yes, thanks to Kurt for the inspiration. It … Continue reading

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