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Heroes: The Season Finale

As an outspoken critic of Heroes when it started– and certainly some of those claims still have merit– and a recent fan of the series after the first few episodes, many people have asked me what I thought of the … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon In Battery Park

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and while most of my plans revolve around a) relaxing b) food and c) sleeping, my friend Dave Richards is in town and we decided to spend the afternoon in Battery Park. It was a fun … Continue reading

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Becoming The Immortal Iron Fist

As I’m sure is apparent by now, the Marvel Comics character Iron Fist is one of my favorite superhero characters (along with DC Comics’ Superman and Hawkman), and with Halloween coming up in October, I wanted to build a good … Continue reading

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History In The Iron Mask

Since I was a child, I’ve always found the story of The Man In The Iron Mask quite interesting, not only because it was a fun story, but also because it’s based on a small piece of history. There was … Continue reading

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Munchies Of The Gods

After you all thrilled to my last invention, the Nectar Of The Gods, I bring you the newest creation from the genius behind Arune.Com: The Munchies Of The Gods. This was created at work when I found I’d been a … Continue reading

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The Spirit Of NYC

This weekend I’ve had the company of good friend, former boss and currently business associate Jonah Weiland, best known for his online comics magazine known as ComicBookResources.Com. If you check out his own blog, you’ll see his excellent recounting of … Continue reading

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