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Random Thoughts– Using Urinals

Yeah, maybe this is a “gross” subject to some, but as a man I have to use urinals every day and I’ve noticed something that bothers me: hair on urinals. I gotta ask…how the hell does pubic hair end up … Continue reading

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Curious George Is Still Awesome

I had a low key weekend and decided that I should watch some of the movies I got from NetFlix, which included the first season of Weeds (which is a great show) and Curious George, which an absolutely adorable film. … Continue reading

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Benoit Part Two

So, it seems many of us were wrong about Chris Benoit (read about it here), as it turns out he did kill his wife and son, then killed himself. There’s no way to justify it. No way to not be … Continue reading

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Chris Benoit– Rest In Peace.

Update: It’s being reported that this was a double murder suicide. I really hope this isn’t true. This is heartbreaking. Sure, he’s “just a wrestler” to you– but to fans like me, this man gave us decades of excellent wrestling, … Continue reading

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The Test Of Philadelphia

As some people know, this weekend I ventured down to Philadelphia to hang out with my friend Mike and see an important historical location in America. I was only there for about 36 hours, but Mike and I accomplished a … Continue reading

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Changes At Arune.Com

I’ve addressed the reduction in posts on Arune.Com as a result of my burgeoning responsibilities at Marvel, but some people have commented over a shift in tone on Arune.Com– and that’s intentional. There’s been a lot of focus on entertainment … Continue reading

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Paper & ‘Puter

I’ve noticed this before, but it’s become more apparent lately that I think a lot better when writing on paper than on a computer. I’m not sure why, but I find I can think more creatively– and less linearly– when … Continue reading

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I Love My Job

Yes, I’m wearing the new Optimus Prime Voice Changing Helmet (more details here) at work. You’ll notice copies of Iron Fist and The Loners on my back wall (two awesome Marvel series), as well as the talking Christian Cage toy. … Continue reading

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Arune…Media Darling Redux! (updated)

Updated: With New Art Yeah, that’s right– I’ve made another guest appearance in a magazine with worldwide distribution, this time Comics International. So what is the magazine all about? On sale at the end of May, the 100-page Comics International … Continue reading

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