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I Love My Job Part Deux (updated)

Updated: Alex Shelley, who is apparently a huge comic fan, contacted me to echo Sabin’s sentiments. Updated: Chris Sabin contacted me to thank us for the kind words and support. HAIL SABIN! It’s a well-known fact that I love my … Continue reading

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My First Marvel Writing Credit

To be honest, I write for the monthly Daily Bugle newspaper that Marvel sells in stores (which focuses on Marvel products), but Marvel Max Sampler 07 is the first comic with my name attached…and it feels good. I’m not writing … Continue reading

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Does Anyone Else Remember Saber Rider?

I’ve been taking time to re-watch some of my favorite childhood cartoons, not only because of the nostalgia attached to these shows (and great memories of spending time with my family) and because I wanted to see if I still … Continue reading

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Montreal Canadiens Tickets

I’m trying to purchase some tickets to the season closer of the Montreal Canadiens’ 07-08 NHL season. Specifically, I want to be front row at the April 5th game in Montreal so I can see my first home game of … Continue reading

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Sit Back & Relax?

One of the more annoying things I hear from some in response to my criticisms of certain films (or comics, or television programs, etc) is this idea that I need to learn to sit back and relax when it comes … Continue reading

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Transform & Roll Out To Success

In case you hadn’t heard, Transformers is a huge success: The sci-fi saga “Transformers,” DreamWorks and Paramount’s big-screen take on the Hasbro toys, debuted with $67.6 million in ticket sales in its first weekend, according to studio estimates Sunday. That … Continue reading

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Yankees Culture

I talk a lot about the Yankees, but don’t get me wrong—hockey is my #1 love when it comes to sports and always will be. That said, there’s no baseball experience quite like a Yankees baseball experience. A lot of … Continue reading

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In one of the shrewdest and most fun marketing moves in recent history, 7-11 has teamed up with The Simpsons Movie to transform certain stores into Kwik-E-Marts. There’s more info about the fictional franchise—and renovated locations—right here. This campaign gets … Continue reading

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“You’re Under Arrest”

I know I can be intimidating to some and appear to be a pompous, self-righteous jerk…but more often I’m mistaken for a cop. That isn’t some assumption—it’s been proven repeatedly through my visits to Toronto and my time in New … Continue reading

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Transformers: Roll Out Or Run Away?

So, I organized a group of Marvel employees and went to see Transformers today. As many of you know, I’m a huge Transformers fan and I expected a lot from this film. I’ll be blunt—I had a ton of fun … Continue reading

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