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You Must Read The Immortal Iron Fist

The first six issues– and lots of cool bonus content– are available in the can’t miss Immortal Iron Fist: The Last Iron Fist Story TPB, available at comic shops everywhere. So, go buy it and revel is awesomeness of my … Continue reading

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Hockey Night In Canada, Eh?

Thanks to the wonders of NHL Center Ice, the affordable sports package allowing you to see almost every NHL game, I’ve been able to finally see my beloved Montreal Canadiens in action. It also means that tonight , their game … Continue reading

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High School Musical

For the most part I wasn’t a fan of high school, which honestly had as much to do with me as it did with school and the usual teenage angst. But in my OAC year (Grade 13 which was mandatory … Continue reading

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Things People Say To Me

It’s been well-established that I attract some odd situations. In the last week or so, here’s a few more to share, summed up in nice little sound bytes: “You must have made a lot of babies up there”– a vendor … Continue reading

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The NHL Store Experience

Friday is the best day of the week for a lot of reasons. It’s the end of the work week (as much as I enjoy my job, I need the break); it’s the night when everyone goes out to party; … Continue reading

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It’s That Time Of Year

Yup, it’s that time again. Gifts are always welcome. Ha. I hear that they’re shipping comics to stores today just to celebrate my birthday. Wait… …they do that every week!

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Friday Night Lights Star Talks To Arune!

Check out my interview on Marvel.Com with FNLScott Porter. The guy is awesome, a real great actor and a true comic fan. And don’t miss the second season premiere of FNL this Friday on NBC. You can view it– and … Continue reading

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Buy The MAX Sampler Today!

It’s finally here folks– MAX Sampler, the latest Marvel Comic written by Arune Singh! Mind you, this is a spotlight on other people’s cool books and I didn’t write any story within, but I interviewed some cool creators working on … Continue reading

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