Arune Singh On San Diego’s Channel 10

That’s right folks. I’m a media darling yet again. While covering a panel at Comic-Con International In San Diego, a reporter from San Diego’s Channel 10 decided to interview me. I recorded this video while watching tv, so the quality is horrid, and for some reason the last 10 seconds are lost, where I say that “we’re just trying to build a strong fan community and just promote the medium. We do that by working together.” I’m going to request the full video from Channel 10 news and put it online, but for now, this is what you get (and yes, I know I look very tired):

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One Response to Arune Singh On San Diego’s Channel 10

  1. Michele says:

    That’s awesome!!! i’ll have to watch it again at home when there’s sound.. lol.. :P you dont’ look tired, you look like a pro ;)

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