Arune Writes Degrassi Comic Books???

A few months ago I interview my friend and great writer J. Torres about his new Degrassi High comic books and the interview went well. He’s a great guy and a skilled writer.

Today I’m talking to Andrew Troth, my good friend and owner of Mind’s Eye Comics, my favorite comic store in the world, and he asks me why I never told him I was writing the Degrassi comics. I thought he was pulling my leg till he mentioned that my name was in the Degrassi solicitations in Previews, which is the monthly ordering catalogue used worldwide to order comic books. And Degrassi is a popular franchise all over the world. So my good buddy Rob Worley scanned the solicitations for me and here’s what we found (click on either image for a larger version):

Trust me, I was shocked. I don’t know how Pocket Books, a well known company, could mess this up so badly, but I guess they just got their wires crossed somewhere. Let me reiterate: I did not write these comics. I would like to write comics at some point but remain unpublished despite having written a decent amount (including a 176-page original graphic novel). So if anyone wants to hire me, I’m happy to work for you, but I did not write these comics. J. Torres did and that’s why they’ll be great reads.

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6 Responses to Arune Writes Degrassi Comic Books???

  1. That is both hillarious and really sad at the same time. Poor J.!

  2. Robbo says:

    Arune is my favorite writer working in teen-oriented comics today

  3. George Tramountanas says:

    Ha! I can totally see you writing those issues too! Ask for your royalties!

  4. Arthur says:

    I’m not sure if this revelation makes me want to read DEGRASSI more or less. If there’s one thing missing in comics, it’s stories based on a television show about a Canadian high manga format no less.

  5. A (flattering) shock to find yourself retconned into a book’s publication history like that!

    Tempted to make further jokes along those lines, but I note that the 52 website’s already beaten me to them all!

  6. taylor says:

    I Love Degrassi most of all J.T.

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