Munchies Of The Gods

After you all thrilled to my last invention, the Nectar Of The Gods, I bring you the newest creation from the genius behind Arune.Com: The Munchies Of The Gods. This was created at work when I found I’d been a bit stupid about time managment (stayed up late the last night and got up too early) and needed an energy boost, so I bought a packaged bowl of Fruit Loops. Realizing that the cereal was a bit bland by itself, I mixed in some of my fruit punch Gatorade and it tasted good…so I added Red Bull. From good…to grrrrrreat! The energy boost was amazing and it was quite a satifying lunch. Not something I’d want to do everyday, but it’s a good solution in a pinch when I need something to keep me going.

Yes, I know, I’m an innovator. An instant classic.

I’m waiting for you all to thank me. C’mon, would I ever let you down?

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3 Responses to Munchies Of The Gods

  1. Dave says:

    S’okay, I spent the entire first half of the TV season listening to your rants against HEROES, and offering the occasional rebuttal trying to convince you that it was much better than you gave it credit for. Then you warmed up to it and admitted you liked it – and now I’M the one who’s gotta say… I didn’t think the finale was very good! lol

  2. The Arune says:

    Oh Dave, why must you always be wrong? ;)

    I’ll try to blog about it this week. I’ve been slammed at work. But I will write a Heroes-centric one for you!

  3. Kurt says:

    Arune, I didn’t realize you were so gross. I’m supposed to be the gross one, remember? ;P

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