Becoming The Immortal Iron Fist

As I’m sure is apparent by now, the Marvel Comics character Iron Fist is one of my favorite superhero characters (along with DC Comics’ Superman and Hawkman), and with Halloween coming up in October, I wanted to build a good Iron Fist costume. I have two options, as shown above, with the suit on the left being infinitely easier to build, as it involves easy to find cargo pants and gun holsters that can easily be found– even the ammo pouches could be found at the local military surplus store. The problem I’m finding is in creating the mask and finding a custom t-shirt shop to make the top. I need a fitted, preferably thermal, green top on which I can put on that Iron Fist logo. Is there somewhere online or in NYC that could make an iron on transfer which could be applied to a regular fitted green shirt? If so, any specific ideas where I could buy the kind of shirt I need?

However, if someone knows how I could get the costume on the right side made in New York, let me know– it’d certainly be an interesting and cool outfit, even if it’s surely a lot more costly.

The mask is the other issue. In these images, the mask and belt seem to be made from similar material and so even if I did get the mask made, I’d need similar materials to create a consistent aesthetic.

So I guess the bottom line is that I’m lost and need help in becoming a superhero. Anyone want to help me fight for truth, justice and flaming iron fists?

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  1. Jimmy says:

    I am doing the same thing this year… Ill wear the costume at a party in a couple of weeks and at Halloween, thi first thing I did is go to my local martial arts store and see what I could find.

    First thing, martial arts belts are far to stiff. Second you can buy Tabi boots (the ninja boots that danny wears now) and they are pretty cheap. Only thing is they dont come in yellow. I thought about customizing them. But I couldnt find a way of doing it without ruining them or making them look really shitty. But it doesnt matter really I got no problem with them being black.

    I also picked up a satin taekwondo uniform (the only one that was green). Im discarding the shirt but the pants are perfect. Only problem is they are the only green ones ive seen anywhere (I live in Australia but I searched the net and the only ones I found where here). It looks fantastic and more along the lines of what danny’s costume looks like.

    You can buy iron-on transfer paper to make your own transfers (using your own printer).. just google it. Make sure you get the paper for dark shirts otherwuse the decals could come out too light (I think) and a plain green long sleeve shirt could be pretty easy to find. Just go to a local street market.

    as for the mask.. I too am finding that to be the most difficult part of the process. Im going to a fabric shop in the next couple days and will probably pick up as much of the best gold satin I can find and basically start cutting. Ill also be using that for the belt. As an alternative to an Iron-on transfer you could make the shou-lao symbol out of the same fabric and stitch it on or glue it on. It would be much easier(providing you or a friend can draw at a decent level) plus much MUCH cheaper. And would also make the whole thing look more complete (all the same gold color).

    as for where any of this is available in NY, sorry I got no idea but I hope I helped.

    Ironically I think you are the only onther person Ive come across that are planning the same thing (or at least obssessing about it this early haha) so when I come across things Ill e-mail you and tell you how its going, so you dont have to make any of the same mistakes. But first I have a couple of questions myslef (finally!)

    How do you plan to do the eyes? I think that will be VERY hard to get right.
    Are you going to have them as plain holes (ie batman movies) or are you going to have white pupils? If I can find white fabric that i can see through I might risk it.
    Now to the black detail on the eyes… I have no idea (well I have a couple)on how to do it… again I could make it with fabric and sew/stitch them on or i was think of using the iron on print so they dont look ‘raised’. What do you think?

    Anyways I’ve bombarded you with a lot so go over it and tell me what you think! Ill send some more info (and pics hopefully) in the next couple of days!

    so here’s to good costumes!

    James Holessis

  2. The Arune says:


    For the eyes, I need to first figure out what kind of material I use for the mask. Black marker could work, as could sewed on felt, but I need to make the materials fit without seeming obtuse, y’know?

    But I’m going for plain holes. Check out the latest issue of Wizard to see the mask that Andy Serwin wears– sort of the kind of thing I’d go for.

  3. Jason says:

    DUDE! So cool to hear you’re dressing up as Iron Fist for Halloween (I’m going to try and pull off The Lone Ranger this year – Luckily I have enough time ahead of me to get the items I need).

    Anyway, for the shirt there’s a place that customizes them called Neighborhoodies ( They’re located in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) but they have a location at the South Street Seaport Mall. If you give them a picture of what you want on the shirt they’ll put it on without issue. I would check the site to see what kind of materials to work with.

    As for the mask and sash – that’s easy as pumpkin pie. Manhattan, especially toward the west side of Midtown, is full of fabric shop catering to all types. A number of them are located on 40th Street and 39th Street between 7th Ave and 8th Ave (Same block as Midtown Comics). I recommend figuring out what color yellow Iron Fist has for those items. Take a Saturday out to the shops and see what they have. Once you get what you need (maybe a yard’s worth of fabric – two at most) would then go to a professional tailor (there should be one out there that doesn’t charge an arma & a leg) to get the dimensions of your head so that she/he can customize it. If you get some black fabric, they can make the lining around the eyes as well. Here’s a list of costume places in NYC just in case you want to visit them for ideas. Sometimes its good to check them out to see what they have as it can save time and money –

    Hope this helps on your mission to becoming Iron Fist. You definitely need to check out the VILLAGE PARADE. Anyone can be in it, they just need to be at the starting line downtown. Check it out-

    NY State law from a few years back banned realistic toy gun since so many kids kept getting shot by cops. As such, you won’t find any in costume shops. When my friend Denis was The Punisher for one Halloween, he bought prop guns that were made of rubber but looked real and made them all white in order for it to look cool and match his costume without NYPD busting his balls. Can’t remember where he got them but I can ask him if you’re interested.

    Take care man and good luck!

  4. The Arune says:


    You rock. I called Neigborhoodies and they sound cool. I’ll probably hit the fabric stores and get things custom made: might as well go for gold!

  5. Sam says:

    So glad you guys are onto this.
    I decided I wanted to do it last night, and this is totally totally helpful.
    What if you broke a highlighter open on your hand?
    Ha, thought I’d try to contribute.

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