Sunday Afternoon In Battery Park

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and while most of my plans revolve around a) relaxing b) food and c) sleeping, my friend Dave Richards is in town and we decided to spend the afternoon in Battery Park. It was a fun few hours spent walking, talking and just relaxing with a good ex-co worker (he’s a regular at ComicBookResources.Com). I often get so wrapped up in work that it’s hard for me to pull myself away on weekends to do anything but relax, however Dave’s good company was reason enough to get out and enjoy NYC. This is off topic, but my last CBR interview is now up, as I interview Louise Carey, daughter of one of my favorite writers and good friend Mike Carey. Here are some of the photos, starting with these pictures of me (click on any photo for an enlarged version):

Next up, Dave himself, who has some of the coolest band shirts known to man.

Next we encountered some dancers who promised “We won’t rob you” and proceeded to rob us of 10 minutes…watching them do backflips over and over. I’m assuming the dancing eventually came, but it was all just simple (but impressive) backflips for what seemed like an eternity.

Animals were the next theme of sights we encountered, one of an eagle in the middle of a sombering veterans memorial and the other of a happy interspecies couple, which was funny because its placement in Battery Park seems quite random.

Finally, the walk ended with balls, namely a big globe and what is either a pair of breasts or a symbol of a well hung man. You decide.

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