Now That’s How You Propose

If you want to know how I proposed to my beautiful fiancee (well, girlfriend back then), you can find out from artist Francis Manapul, one of the best comic artists of his generation. He’s an exceptionally thoughtful and generous person, whose talent is only exceeded by his kindness.

So, this may be my first update in two years, but you can’t say it wasn’t worth the wait.

And, before you worry, she said yes, making me the happiest man who’s ever lived. She is the most beautiful, kind, smart and truly amazing person I’ve ever met or will ever meet. If there was ever one person you needed to point to as proof all the good in the world, it would be her.

Update ()3/9/11):: This story has been picked up by comic press:

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  1. Congratulations, Arune!

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