Get Well, MaxPac

Update (3/10/11): Max makes his first comments right here and holds Chara responsible.

If you’re a hockey fan, you heard about the hit to Max Pacioretty last night against the Bruins.

The details can be found here at this great article @ Yahoo’s Puck Daddy Blog.

MaxPac suffered a severe concussion and a fracture of the fourth cervical vertebra. It’s unknown if he’ll play hockey again. The Montreal Candiens set up a page where fans can send Max and his family a message. I encourage all hockey fans to click here and do so.

My prayers go out to Mac Pacioretty and his family.

While watching this game last night, it finally struck me how much I really do love the game of hockey. Don’t get me wrong—I love Michelle, our cat Andy, my family and friends more of course—but I really LOVE hockey and the Montreal Canadiens. While the Habs were up 4-0 against the Bruins and the second period was winding down, I was consumed by happiness. I was smiling without even realizing it. Every goal, every tape to tape pass, every beautiful save—they all affected me. When it comes to hockey I’m not passive—I give myself over to the game for the 2.5 hours the boys in bleu, blanc et rouge are on the ice.

But then, when MaxPac was hit and he lay motionless on the ice, I felt horrible—it was like a friend of mine was hurt. Now that’s a somewhat ridiculous statement to make, as I don’t know the guy nor do will I ever, but it’s the only way I can verbalize my reaction. Each and every one of the Canadiens play their hearts our every night, bringing honor to the “CH” on their chests and entertaining fans like me. When they succeed, we cheer them on and when they fall, we want to lift them up.

It’s safe to say that every Montreal Canadiens fan wishes he or she could do something to help the Paciorettys.

That’s the wonderful thing about being a sports fan—it consumes you. You feel as your team feels because when that game’s going on it’s all that’s going on. It’s a great feeling when you’re winning and a terrible feeling when you’re losing, but I for one wouldn’t change it for a second.

So, while we Habs fans worry about MaxPac and curse the name “Zdeno Chara” (which would be a great name for a James Bond villain), let’s focus on all the great memories he’s brought and how he’s lifted us up with all his success this year. Maybe that celebration, sharing the happiness he brought us, can put some a smile on his face.

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