Famous Arune Moments

Since I have no idea how to transfer posts from the old blog, I’m going to reprint some of the must-read moments from the previous incarnation. I’ll try to come up with daily updates, some of a silly nature (tech, television, comic books), but I will endeavor to create one “meaningful” entry a week, though length may vary.

    Arune In His Comic Book Debuts


While my official debut was as a cop in Superman: Birthright #10, these are awesome too.

Lucifer #58 (DC Comics/Vertigo, 2005): the writer of this series, Mike Carey, is a great friend of mine and apparently this is only the first of a few appearances in his comics. The series is about that Lucifer, yes, but there’s a strong philosopical subtext to everything in the series and it’s one comic book I reccomend to those with open minds. Anyway, this issue is a stand alone issue focusing on Lucifer, a few of his allies (I’d be hesitant to say friends, as no one knows why Lucifer does what he does) and the wolf-god Arooon. Which sounds a lot like Arune, if you didn’t realize the connection. It’s a much larger part than I thought I’d get and it’s a ton of fun. I’m not sure how much sense it’d make if you’ve never read the series before, but I enjoyed it thoroughly, beyond my own ego stroking.

Sleeper Season Two #8 (DC Comics/Wildstorm, 2005): while I’m not especially close with series writer Ed Brubaker, I know him to be a stand up guy and a very intelligent man. I’ve done a lot of promotion for his series “Sleeper” over at CBR over the years and he had said he’d put me in an issue of the series. I figured it’d be as throwaway goon or one of the “one time” villains he showcases in the series, but instead I got something better: I was a taxi cab driver! Yes, I make many jokes about my skin color making me a perfect taxi cab driver and finally, I got to live out my dream! Not only that, my character entered into a multi page sexual experience with one of the female protagonists in the book… who then promptly broke his neck after the best sex of his life. Aren’t comics amazing? You can visit Ed at his web site.

    Arune In Soap Opera Digest


… sorta. The title is a tad exagerrated, but it got your attention, right? Like all those weight loss magazines that promise results but can never deliver! And that comparison sounded better in my head.

Above are scans of Soap Opera Digest Vol.30 No.14, the April 5th issue (only available on newsstands till April 11th, after which you can buy it from the magazine’s website), featuring the cover and the article in which I’m featured. I was interviewed regarding The O.C, because there was a recent story featuring Wildstorm Studios and Seth Cohen (one of the leads) trying to get a comic book published. SOD contacted my editor, Jonah Weiland (whose great blog is here)and he referred them to me, so they could learn more about the comic book process (and Jonah isn’t an OC fan). The interview went well and though my ramblings have been re-worded heavily, there is one quote I needed to address:

SOD: Seth & Summer grew close again while working together. Can working on a comic inspire romance?
Singh: Well, there aren’t many women in the industry, so maybe for homosexual men. But when you’re spending that much time with someone on such a detailed project, you can grow closer.

Now I know most people won’t be offended by that and I know no one at SOD was, but the comment was taken out of context. I said something more along the lines of, “well, with so few women in the industry, it’d have to be the guys hooking up” and it was meant facetiously, something not translated into the interview. I know that no one at SOD is purposely misrepresenting me and none of the above comments are blatantly homophobic, but I want to make sure no one thinks I am taking a shot at gays.

There is a clarification being printed in an upcoming issue, so I’m sure it’ll all be fine. But with this being a promotion of comics and being a representative of CBR, I want to make sure I put my best foot forward and don’t embarass anyone.

    Arune Makes his Debut on NPR


Arune was on NPR & BBC’s “The World” segment in June, 2004 to speak about Spider-Man. Listen by going to: http://www.theworld.org/latesteditions/06/20040628.shtml

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