Some of you are wondering what ARUNE.COM is all about and some of you haven’t been here in a while.

This site began in May, 1997, as a lark, when I adopted the name “Big Sexy,” which was born out of wrestling with Stew & Bryan Pei, Mike Barltrop, John Fortounis and my brother. We borrowed the name from Kevin Nash, a WCW wrestler, since I was the tallest and heaviest guy there. And it was a joke, ’cause I was not too sexy. The idea of the site came about because, frankly, I was bored and it was always funny to joke about ARUNE.COM, because it seemed like a pointless website. A website about nothing.

The site has undergone many transformations since then, including the addition of BATUSI FEVER and EMBRACE EVA, two acclaimed fan pages that are linked to on the right side of this page. I then began the focus on using it to promote myself, as I’ve gained some notice with my “journalism” on CBR and I’m looking to become a professional writer at some point, in some capacity.

In late 2005, I upgraded the site to a blog and I’ve focused on updating to let my friends know what’s going on in my life and to keep in contact with people I used to know, who still visit the site.

This site is really about me, Arune Singh, and it’s not meant as some serious commentary on life nor is it meant as some real professional endeavor. It’s all for fun. So I hope you have fun while you stop over here.

To learn about Arune’s media forays, from being on NPR to being in Soap Opera Digest, please visit this link. For his appearance on the San Diego News, go here. To learn why he was in Black Panther, you can go here. He also was mistakenly listed as the author of some comics, which was recounted here.

To see the complete and high-res video of the San Diego News appearance, go here. Jeopardy legend Ken Jennings are seems to like part of Arune.Com. Which part? Find out here. Recently, Comics International wrote about Arune, which is displayed here.

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