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In 2001, Arune took on the job of working as an online weekly columnist- without pay- for the then-popular Sci-Fi IGN.Com, spotlight different DC comics each week. Some columns were even 30 pages long! After the site shut down, Arune used his contacts to “audition” for ComicBookResources (CBR) executive producer Jonah Weiland and has since made CBR his new home, achieving more success than he imagined. Working with artists, writers, actors, directors, marketing departments and more, Arune has proven to be a popular writer in the entertainment industry. To this day, Arune continues to produce regular content for CBR, though the combination of university and work have made updating this page almost impossible.

Arune is also working on a variety of creator-owned projects, of both the fiction and non-fiction variety.

Yes sir, that is the India IdolCBR 2004/05 Writing

Arune went for broke and you can see the results in the variety and ambition of the work. From the Superman celebration to all the spotlights, Arune made his mark.
Yes, Arune & The Masters Of The Universe!CBR 2003 Writing

This was the year when Arune’s CBR writing was taken to the next level, with a greater focus on writing more, interviewing a great variety of creators and speaking to some of the big guys in the industry. There we some ups and downs, but overall a big stepping stone for Arune.

GTO and Arune!CBR 2002 Writing

This is Arune’s first year at CBR and while there are some bumps along the way, it was a promising start to what has turned out to be a successful career.

Arune is a Power Ranger!IGN 2001 Writing

Arune wrote a weekly DC Comics centric column for Sci-Fi IGN, for free, and garnered a fanbase that has stuck with him to this day.

Yes, That IS Arune!Original Comic Book Material

At the end of 2003, Arune began bringing some of his comic book ideas to life, from concepts for Hawkman to single issues plots for Superman and some exciting original material.
Arune wants to work for YOU!Work For Hire

Arune is available as a work for hire writer, from web content to whatever else may be needed, and this page tells you how to contact him and shows off past work.

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