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Sometimes people say nice things about Arune. Scary, but true and to preserve these moments of insanity, Arune.Com has decided to showcase a variety of nice things said about by people who have somehow been bribed into saying things they’d never say.

Chuck Austen, former writer of DC Comics’ Action Comics said, “Arune is one of the brownest people I know. And he needs a haircut.”

Mark Waid, writer of DC Comics’ Legion Of Super-Heroes said, “My promise to you: No comics journalist with a harder name to pronounce has a better site!”

Ron Marz, former writer of DC Comics’ Green Lantern said, “I always thought Arune was that guy from ‘No Doubt,’ so I kept asking him if he had any naked pictures of Gwen Stefani. Turns out he’s not that guy. He interviewed me instead, which was great. But I would’ve rather had naked pictures of Gwen Stefani.”

Geoff Johns, (find him at GeoffJohns.Com) writer of DC Comics’ Green Lantern, Teen Titans, JSA & Flash said, “Dedicated and hard-working, and he could kick your ass.”

Rich Bernatovech, (find him at SentinelsOnline) writer/creator of Drumfish Productions’ Sentinels said, “Working at the NY Times for over a decade, I’ve met a lot of journalists. Arune is up there with the best of them. Insightful, thought provoking questions and a dedication to comics that impresses the hell out of me.”

Alex Sinclair, editor at Wildstorm and Award Winning colorist said, “If you need questions, Arune has them ALL!”

Mike Carey, writer of DC Comics/Vertigo’s Lucifer said, “It’s not every comics journalist I’d play chauffeur for. Arune was trained by the Bene Gesserit: he has ‘the Voice’.” and “Journalists are supposed to be sleazy, hard-drinking guys with a cynical hatred of the world and the morals of rattlesnakes. Whereas Arune prefers soft drinks.”

Arvid Nelson, writer of Image Comics’ Rex Mundi said, “Arune gives a shit. If enough people with his passion, talent and breadth of taste take up comics journalism, trust me: comics are saved.”

Jock, artist of DC Comics/Vertigo’s The Losers said, ” If I could aim to be half the man Arune is, I’d be happy. Unfortunately my aim is terrible.” and ” I”ve never seen a man look so phisically assaulted by eating food.”

Ed Brubaker, writer of Marvel Comics’ Captain America said, “All right, jesus, Arune, I’ll give you a quote for the friggin’ site. Sheesh. Talk about pushy…”

J Torres, writer of DC Comics’ Teen Titans Go! said, “Arune rhymes with spoon; that’s why he scoops the competition!”

Steven T Seagle (The T is silent and stands for Arune), writer of DC Comics’ Sandman Mystery Theatre said, “What can I say about Arune Singh except that he was nothing short of the best African-American, blind Teppan-yaki chef I’ve ever been served by at the Beni Hana off the I-8 in San Diego…if I’m thinking of the right guy….”

Rags Morales, artist of DC Comics’ Identity Crisis said, “………..I never heard of an Arune….”

Andy Diggle writer of DC Comics’ Adam Strange & The Losers said, “Witnessing Arune consume a Thaal curry was a humbling, if unsettling, sight. It was kind of like the Joker’s origin story – if the Joker had eaten the toxic waste…” and noted Arune no longer had to prove his manhood.

Justin Gray writer of DC Comics’ Hawkman said, “I have an immense amount of respect for journalists; most of them are willing to enter the lion’s den with little more than a pad and paper with which to capture a story. Arune seems to prefer jumper cables and duct tape.” and “Arune pulls off what few journalists can; he makes idiots like me sound halfway intelligent.”

Joe Casey, writer of DC Comics/Wildstorm’s The Intimates said, “It’s tough to find good comicbook journalism on the Net. Well, congratulations. You just found some.”

Jason Hall, writer of DC Comics/Vertigo’s Trigger said, “Arune writes the most thought-provoking interview questions — answering them is like taking an advanced placement literature exam!”

Jim Beard, writer of DC Comics JSA: Secret Files & Origins #1 said, “If Superman was a nerdy journalist on CBR with delusions of grandeur, he’d be Arune Singh. Oh, and btw, why isn’t there already a Star Wars character named Arune Singh?”

Jeff Limke, writer of Kenzer Publishing’s D&D: Black & White said, “For a man who claims to enjoy ketchup potato chips, he is a remarkably sane and good writer.”

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