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  • The Batusi Fan Club was founded by Arune Singh & Tim Hughes in 1998 while *studying* grade 11 English.
  • Special thanks to Cyberstation, Will & Ken Fong for their invaluable support in making the dream of a reality.

    Batusi Fever
    Is The Dance World Up To It's Greatest Challenge?

    LAST UPDATE: May 18th, 2002- new members!

    Wizard: The Guide To Comics #117 featured this site in their web section devoted to the coolest comic book websites!

    Holy pelvic thrust Batman! You just took out her eye!

    We at Batusi Fever don't think anyone is truly prepared for this dance. The Batusi is the classic Adam West dance he perfected in the Original Batman TV series. John Travolta tried to copy it in "Pulp Fiction" but was unsuccessful at creating the groovy sensory experience that Adam West is so popular for.

    Do not try this at home

    Holy Over-reactions fanboy! Don't go climbing up walls in search of a spiritual epiphany similar to the Batusi: you won't find one! Nirvana is the Batusi, the Batusi is Nirvana. You have found the first and only place on the internet that teaches the wisdom of the Batusi. Please, join the club (literally) and you will find the Adam West inside of you.

    The Batusi Exec, the ultimate worshippers of the Batusi, may be contacted at BATUSI@ARUNE.COM

    Don't feel bad if you can't Batusi. Only Lord West can.