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  • The Batusi Fan Club was founded by Arune Singh & Tim Hughes in 1998 while *studying* grade 11 English.
  • Special thanks to Cyberstation, Will & Ken Fong for their invaluable support in making the dream of a reality.

    Batusi Fever
    Is The Dance World Up To It's Greatest Challenge?

    LAST UPDATE: November 17th, 2000

    Same Bat-Thrust, Same Bat-Lust

    "No man can live on crimefighting alone"- Adam West/Bruce Wayne as he is about to go into Lee Meriwether's apartment to educate himself.

    Well I guess you have come here to learn the ultra gnarly Batusi. Before you attempt to do this complex yet sexy dance you must remember you will have to train day and night to perfect this Adam West trademark dance. I need to get a copy of the episode to fully describe the dance and upload images, but this is enough to get you started. There are some things you will need first:

    • Batman tights and cape that are preferably blue and grey
    • A loser sidekick to clean up after you
    • A slight pot belly
    • A shot of whisky- you'll need it, trust me :)
    • A radically named bar like "What-A-Way-To-Go-Go" where your complex performing of the spiritual Batusi can be appreciated

    Now that you have collected all the above items you are on your way to becoming the next Adam West so lets start twirling that cape!

    The Approach

    1. You must approach while she isn't looking because this makes you seem more mysterious when dressed in tights [see above].
    2. Offer to buy her a drink and ask "What's a lady like you doing at a bar. This hip cat wants you on the dance floor."
    3. Make sure she doesn't notice your silly grin.
    4. Let her go on the floor first as you admire her from top to bottom.

    A Few Easy Steps to do the Batusi

    1. First take your index finger and middle finger and make a peace sign. Then turn your hands with the fingers still in place so the front of your hand is facing your face. Now draw the positioned fingers on the right hand across your eyes, with the eyes inbetween the positioned fingers. This should be done with the left hand and at the same time as the right hand is doing it [see picture above].
    2. Now shake your ass a bit. Seriously. Do some weird things with your arms while you are shaking your ass. Only shake your ass for 5 seconds or the effect will be lost.
    3. Rub your hands downwards across your body till you reach mid hips.
    4. Then grab both sided of your cape and twirl around for 5 seconds.
    5. When you succeed you should hear her say something. This is it

    If You Mess Up....

    If you mess up the Batusi keep trying, don't run off in your shag mobile like a red breasted Robin. To be a true star like Adam West you have to practice. I mean look at the guy! He is a true athelete! If you decide to curse however remember swear words are not acceptable, only phrases like "Good Gravy Dick" or "Holy Mess ups Batman!". After speaking profanity such as the aforementioned phrases your loyal sidekick must wash your mouth out with soap so you never speak such dirty words again!

    The Batusi Exec, the ultimate worshippers of the Batusi, may be contacted at BATUSI@ARUNE.COM

    Don't feel bad if you can't Batusi. Only Lord West can.