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    LAST UPDATE: February, 2001 The entire page has been overhauled and read all the new info available. There is a lot more than ever before. Character & Mystery updates will follow soon!
    Mention this word in front of any anime fan and you will see their eyes light up. Neon Genesis Evangelion or Shin Seiki Evangelion, has become the anime phenomenon of the 90's and the most controversial anime ever produced. Where anime like MACROSS PLUS raised the bar for animation, Neon Genesis Evangelion raised the bar for story telling, and has changed the face of anime since then.

    Creator Hideaki Anno envisioned an anime full of giant insect looking mechs, action, suspense and psychological drama. But little known is that Anno was actually clinically depressed and when he wrote EVA he was off his Prozac. EVA mirrors his feelings of confusion, pain and sense of loss. Though it is unfortunate that Anno went through mental problems it is those very problems which make this show so powerful because his experiences are reflected in each other characters. Whether it be Asuka's ego or Shinji's frailness we feel Anno's pain.

    The main story of this groundbreaking anime revolves around a young boy, Shinji Ikari, being called by his dad to help stop a menace that devestated half the Earth only 15 yrs ago. Shinji meets other children who have been recruited and with them he pilots huge robots called Evangelions. Throughout the series these children as well as their adult companions must sort out personal issues while confronting a great evil of unknown origin. EVA explores the themes of parental responsibilities, relationships with others and facing reality. These messages are so strong that they overshadow the action and suspense of EVA.

    This page, formerly NGE Canada Style, is devoted to the phenom of EVA and exploring all the aspects of this revolutionary anime. If you have any suggestions email them to
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